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Why doesn’t google buy WordPress?

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WordPress is now ten years old. It’s been a game changer for webmasters and bloggers the world over. But is google about to change everything? Compared to Joomla, also requires very little tech knowledge to have a site that looks great and works well under the hood. So why do I think google maybe eyeing up wordpress for acquisition? For the same reason that Apple built itunes. When Apple tried Read More

Microsoft listens at last to criticism of Windows 8 and fixes broken windows

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Finally… the news we’ve been waiting for. Microsoft knows that Windows 8 has issues! I was beginning to dread that the “Start” button would never return to Windows OS, but thankfully according to reports out today, MS have listed to loyal customer feedback. Its  a bad day when a windows user of 25 years reverts their OS from Windows 8 back to Windows 7. I was forced to do just that last month. I’d Read More

Facebook and twitter hold the key to Comment moderation – and commercial Nirvana!

Many online publishers share a common issue when it comes to encouraging social interaction on their digital properties. Comment moderation. A mixture of legal technicalities and legislative regional policy make this a very complex and expensive traffic source to police. There is a solution to this. If facebook took the decision to employ an account verification process, exactly as ebay has done with paypal – whereby the user has a small sum of money pinged to Read More

Lets stop talking platform and start talking brand + reach

For a number of years, publishers have been preoccupied with migration to digital platforms from traditional print. Web, Mobile, Tablet, Social Media… you know the story. But now, some surprising data is coming to light. Some traditional newspaper publishers are actually growing audience. They may be experiencing decline in certain sectors such as print, but the good news for advertisers and b2b parties is that brand and audience reach is now king. Read More

Advertising Tsunami round the corner for TV and Radio

For some years now, newspaper publishers have fought against the rising and inevitable tide of free news on the internet. They’re damned if they don’t publish and damned if they do. From the ashes of a paper based model, some players will survive, although how that happens isn’t entirely clear, but they’re working on it. TV and Radio however have to date had a relatively unchallenged landscape. Until now, the Read More

How effective is Facebook advertising really?

On the back of the decision for General Motors to pull its $10b facebook advertising budget due to ineffectiveness, and the ongoing share value crisis, BBC collates further evidence that Facebook’s floatation value was as suspected, massively over inflated (as predicted on this blog lol-). http://www.nmk.co.uk/article/2012/8/14/bbc%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%98virtualbagel%E2%80%99-experiment-does-not-prove-facebook-advertising-ineffective

Mark Thompson and the ‘Kings Invisible Clothes”

Thought this article was quite funny in the Guardian and I feel compelled to respond to it… “Mark Thompson appointment marks the rise of the multimedia executive” http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/aug/15/mark-thompson-new-york-times-bbc It’s one thing to spend £m’s per annum of public money on a not-for proft portfolio public service like the BBC with no commercial model or monopoly to protect, but quite another to migrate a Centuries  old print business to online with Read More

Commercial TV advertising monopoly to be disrupted – starting yesterday!

Expect the traditional monopoly of tv advertising to be blown wide open starting now. With internet enabled TV, traditional commercial TV channels are about to suffer the same disruption as newspapers have. If you’re thinking of entering this space, here’s a great link to 10 internet TV white label providers: http://www.masternewmedia.org/professional-white-label-video-publishing-platforms-guide/ And for Radio, read “in-car DAB” .